A rhythm game by Aidan, Dziek and Laura for Ludum Dare 46.

Theme "Keep It Alive". By "It" we mean "The Party".

Music by Aidan O’Brien (@pullthetapes).

Art and Animation by Aidan and Laura Dunning  (@echoesandstars).

Unity wrangling by Dziek (@DziekDB).

Designed by all three.


If you leave it running too long it might get out of sync. Or it might  just    start out of sync. Rhythm games are tricky y'all. Who knew?

Oh, and don't play with Bluetooth headphones. Trust.



Press space (or Z!) to  hit notes

Press M to mute (but why?)

Press P for an untested button

Press R to reload the scene

Press Q  to visit an unsanctioned alternate reality


Link To Ludum Page


SubmissionPC.zip 117 MB

Install instructions

The Unity debug  resolution picked is enabled by accident! The game is 16:9, so anything that (1920 x 1080 for example)  should display it properly.

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