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WASD/Arrow Keys for movement

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Demo Details

The demo contains a large percentage of   levels from the full game. Most of the  early levels are in, with a few more challenging ones sprinkled in.   Are they too difficult? Let me know!

The game will feature a post game of some sort, some ideas are currently available for testing in Grind, and the two Challenge modes.

Game Details

FeFoFall is a short game about getting from A to B, through a series of non-linear single screen challenges - that doesn't outstay it's welcome.

The game hopes to combine reactive writing, one off gimmicks and a shuffling level order  to create a game people will actually finish, and have a good time doing so.

Designed to be a good hour of gameplay. I'm currently whittling down the levels to the very best. There will be extras for those that want them, but the core is a game designed to respect the player's time.


A Good Hour Of Gameplay - This isn't a game with 1000 levels. If you want something to last you 50 hours this isn't the game for you. If you want, say, a decent afternoon game - maybe you're bored in a hotel or something - then maybe consider it eh?

No Repeats - This is a game of one off gimmicks and surprises (all within the narrow confines of a square moving in one of four directions). Each level tries to do something new.  You have a go, hopefully think "that was nice" and you're onto the next idea.

Challenging Levels - The biggest task left is balancing. Whilst I'd like the game to involve a little challenge, that's not the focus. As such, I'm thinking of ways to make the game easier (smaller hitboxes, slower moving objects etc)

Shuffling Level Order - Stuck on a level? That's fine, as every time you fail a level you're presented with a different one to try.

Reactive Writing - Single lines of text bookend every success and failure in the game, and these are programmed to react to your situation as a player.   Make a mistake on a level right near the endpoint? The game is going to know about it. And when you finally that beat that level that's taken 10+ times, the game can celebrate those moments too. Designed to needle but to never be cruel.


Originally created during One Game A Month Jam in 2015, (OG Version playable   in web here)   the idea of a short , focussed game that shuffles levels to avoid frustration is one I  keep returning to.  Designed  to flow through easily, with pain points like "next level" buttons removed. 


I'd like to balance the difficulty, add more reactive text, add levels based around two new features (portals, firing projectiles) and nail a more challenging  post    game. I'd also like to add a few more tricks, like  a conversation about life,    being cursed by a witch and going to Hell.


FeFoFall2023Demo.zip 26 MB